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(Pastor. Stephen’s Testimony)

I was born and brought up in kanyakumari district in an Christian family background. 

After completing my college studies, I was in a desperate situation without knowing what to do. 

One day, Lord Jesus spoke with me,”Surrender your way completely to me and I will make you flourish”

On obeying His words,I surrendered my life completely to Lord Jesus Christ.

Months passed by. On the other day while i was in prayer, God began to speak with me.

He called me to do His divine ministry.I started the ministry in a very humble manner in Gudalur. 

God united me with my life partner Mrs.Usha according to His perfect will.

We started growing spiritually.For each and every need,we were seeking the face of God.

God answered all our prayers and made us happy by enabling us to overcome all struggles in life as well as in ministry.

20 years ago, I was almost on the verge of death due to some physical weakness. I became unconscious.

I was admitted in a hospital in the Intensive Care Unit. But God miraculously saved my life from such a terrible situation & from the valley of death.

God taught us how to live in faith even for small need.

We grown in faith and in the knowledge of word of God.

By God’s grace we conducted many gospel meetings to bring people from darkness to light for the enlargement of God’s kingdom.

God blessed us gradually. God given vision for our ministry is “Signs & Wonders Ministry”.

Today we are blessed and continuing God given ministry.

We are experiencing supernatural manifestation of God’s mighty miracle working hand in our lives.
Remember us in your prayers.

Pray that God use us in a mighty and marvellous way in these last days.

We want to fulfill God’s will concerning our lives.

                                                         ALL GLORY TO GOD

In God’s Service,

Pastor. C. Stephen (Church Pastor, Blessing Prophetic Church)

Founder, Blessing Prophetic Ministries


Share This To All via Social Media | இதை சமூக ஊடகங்கள் வழியாக அனைவருக்கும் பகிரவும் !

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